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08 February 2020 @ 09:27 am
Fic masterlist  
Partially because I'm having a hard time keeping track of them now. Categorized by genre, pairings marked.

Bumming Around: an unapologetic pun: friendship-fic for the Bums
The Set-Up and the Pitch : SWS!Spoony's cameraman tells his side of the story
Handle With Care, parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: Insano's latest invention causes things to go a bit literal: poor reviewers.
Wasteland of Truth (3rd part) (4th) (5th): Victorian!AU, featuring Detective!Linkara and Ripper!ATG. Everyone plays a part.
Five Ways To Look At An Inked Reality, or How Y Deals: Exactly what it says on the tin. Written for minor character ficathon.
river, break me down: Hooker!verse. Goggles finds the past on her couch, going through her things.
in the shadows you will find him dancing: An alliance of men and ninjas. But mostly ninjas.
A Little Peace of My Heart: Ma-Ti sleeps over, and Critic's sanity is tested.
Stop Callin' (I Don't Want to Think Anymore): Voicemail messages from beyond sanity and into fangirlisms. Treehouse Takeover universe.
Channel Awesome's Alice: Critic goes back to Wonderland, and, my, the times have changed. Fusion with American McGee's Alice.
Space, Time, and SCIENCE!!1: Crossover with Doctor Who. Insano "captures" the Doctor.
Merry Christmas, Joe: Exactly what it says on the tin. Joe's got a wee bit of a technology-crush.
ring it in (don't look back): Bennett counts down to New Year's.
Sole Glow: Hookerverse. Michaud becomes suspicious of the clusterscrew that is Penny, Critic, Chick, and the Other Girl.
say please and pay the man: Hookerverse. Phelous doesn't do anything wrong.  

Proof : Insano/Marzkara. He takes the fight to the wrong Linkara, but it'll do.
Disproportionate Retribution : Critic/Chick. The Chick gets her revenge for the Bratz review.
The Superior Nostalgia (continuation to Retribution): Critic/Chick. The Critic gets his revenge for the Chick's revenge.
Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down : Bow-tie/tie; Critic/Chick. Their owners' FoeYay is driving them insane.
Paint With All the Colors of the Cosmos: Critic/Chick. Eyeliner made them do it, plus the aliens.
It Involves Balls!: Critic/Chick. He does not take well to Chick ignoring him, and does what no man should ever do. Channel David Bowie.
Not Completely a Clusterfuck: Critic/Marz. A Christmas party reveal.
Call Me A Driver (you're looking for a screw):Critic/Chick, hookerverse. This is the closest they'll ever get to content.
Uncharted Lands and Recipes: Critic/Chick. Vanilla and missionary? What could possibly go wrong...

Be All You Can Be: Mechakara/Insano. The best way to persuade him is to pretend (can fit into Mechakara series).
Alternative Resources: Mechakara/Insano. Insano doesn't take well to being manipulated and controlled (also Mechakara series-compatible)
Your Favorite Toy: Ask That Guy/Critic. ATG just wants to play with his guns. And the Critic.
the guest's welcome: Victorian-verse ATG/Bennett.
and the sun will hide: Victorian-verse. Critic/ATG. Saying goodbye was never quite easy.
The Comedy of Obscenities (or, how the nerd and critic learned iambic pentameter): Critic/Nerd, a la Romeo and Juliet.

Mechakara series:
Terminators and Zombies Make the Best Friends: Mechakara kicks off his recruitment with Spoony and a ring.
A comedic interlude: from point A to point B: Mechakara takes on the hassles of the airport and a zombified reviewer.
Pull Me To The Ground : Mechakara is bored. Spoony pays for it. (dark)
Armored Night: Spoony gets rescued. Kind of. Spoony/Linkara; Spoony/Mechakara. Dark, noncon.
End It Better: Spoony and Linkara finally are reunited, but the issues are strong with this one. Spoony/Linkara
Tell Me Chaos Dreams of Order: Mechakara reminisces over his relationship with Linkara in his universe, and Black Lantern Spoony doesn't understand.

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