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29 June 2012 @ 01:25 pm
more recs  
Avatar: The Last Airbender

Okay, We're in Trouble by white-knuckle: Zuko/Sokka/Jet: It's Fire Nation sex pollen, in a box. IDEK. 


Intervention with a Vampire by littera_abactor. Gen, humor. Cordelia has decided that Angel needs to see a therapist. 
When She Was Bad by juliefortune. Buffy swaps places with a Buffy from a very different world. Almost wish!verse, but not quite. 
Everything by She's A Star 

Doctor Who

Threads by Vali. 4/Romana I. The only fic I've ever read of these two (most are with Romana II, but but but Time Lord mythology and backstory and a bit of slowburn shipping) 


Visit to a Weird 'Verse, Rerevisited  by C.A. Bridges: Nathan Fillion ends up in Mal's shoes for a dangerous mission. 
Ice in Crystal by juliefortune. The Reavers take Inara. Dark dark dark.
Salvage Mission by inlovewithnight: The Serenity crew never leaves someone behind. 

The Hunger Games

Twenty Four Victors, Twenty Four Tributes: Meet Your Quarter Quell Contestant by aimmyarrowshigh: The 24 tributes of the Quarter Quell, and their Games. Gen. 

A Song of Ice and Fire

Heliotrope by sharkygal: (Myrcella/Robb) They cannot see, but she sees. Myrcella sees. 

Stargate: SG-1

Earth Dating is Easy by SelDear: The birds and the bees, Jack O'Neill, and Jonas Quinn. 

Star Trek

Star Trek: Generations Gap  by anonymous (TNG/Reboot): A causality loop makes the Reboot crew run into the Enterprise-D. Awesome mix of pairings and woebegone Kirk.  
Seamless by esme_green (Reboot): McCoy/Chapel. An alien virus makes every male crewmember space-drunk and space-flirty. 
When I Was Invincible by robanybody (Reboot/TOS): Reboot!Kirk ends up on the TOS ship.  
Break by Yahtzee (Reboot): Spock/Uhura, how it happened. Long and awesome.  
assassins down the avenue by green_postit (Reboot): Mirrorverse Reboot, feat. Chapel/Scotty, Kirk/McCoy, and it. is. amazing. Scotty's characterization in particular.  

Star Wars

Sibling Revelry by frodogenic: Basically, Luke and Leia unwittingly troll Vader into thinking his children are incestuous. 


The Chosen One by sohna (Star Wars/Quantum Leap): Sam Beckett leaps into Anakin Skywalker, during RotS.  
Tea and Sympathy by selenak (Doctor Who/Star Trek: TNG): Sometimes meeting each other in the wrong order means you know just what to listen for. Guinan and the Doctor through the centuries. 
Five Avengers Who Were Hunger Games Champions (And One Who Wasn't) by pearldrop: As a punishment for rebelling against the Capitol, each year the Districts must supply two tributes, one girl and one boy between the ages of 12 and 18, to fight to death in the Hunger Games. AMAZING. FUSION.

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